conditions of use

general terms and conditions of online Mcloud services

1. scope of application

a. The use of the online service Mcloud (Hereinafter called Portal) is feasible only under the condition of the general use conditions. They apply to all paid and free services of the website. Other conditions are not applied.

2. Registration

a. By registering, the user acknowledges that he has read and accepted these general conditions of use.

b. Registration is free. We reserve the right to refuse registration of individual users. One reason for this is not required.

3. Service

a. During registration, the user can register devices at the same time, and thus unlock for the transmission of data to the portal.

b. Through the portal, the user always has access to the data transmitted by the devices , such as in the form of chart.

c. The data will be stored for a maximum period of 3 years.

4. Rights and obligations of the user

a. The user's authority is limited to the access to the portal, as well as on the use of the available website on the portal under the conditions of use.

b. The user undertakes the full and exclusive responsibility for its activities on the portal.

c. The user has to protect his access to the portal against the use by unauthorized third parties, especially shall keep his password secret. The user assumes all responsibility for any unauthorized access to the portal which is caused by his conduct.

d. Activities that are designed to crush the portal or make the service unusable, the originator will bear civil and criminal responsibility.

5. Price and license

a. After first free activation, a device can free trial for 30 days.

b. For the further activation of a device, the user can buy a fee-based, time-limited license number. After entering the license number, the corresponding data will be stored on our server within a validity period.

c. The price of a license depends on its validity and is based on the currently valid price list. The user can acquire licenses with validity of 1, 2 or 3 years.

d. If a license is expired, the data of the corresponding device will no longer be stored, but the user still has access to history record for max. 3 years old data without any extra expenses.

e. Settlement only is in view of the purchase of license number, the service can't make via reservation.

6. Termination of contract and contract duration

a. The contract comes into effect after sending of the license number and the corresponding payment. The contract period equals to the valid period of the license.

b. After the contract comes into force, if we determine that the user is not complying with or has violated relevant provisions within the conditions of use, we have the right in the period of validity as an important reason to terminate the contract.

c. An extraordinary cause to terminate the contract is permissible for both parties as legitimate.

7. Right to revocation

a. The user has the right to revocation. The revocation period is two weeks.

8. liability

a. In the context of point 3, we do not assume any legal liability, unless we have acted intentionally or maliciously.

9. Warranty

a. We do not warrant that the Portal and its services are accessible at any time and without error, especially if the errors are not in our control. The portal is provided without any representations or warranties.

10. data Protection

a. We are committed to protect your privacy and treat all personal data in accordance with the provisions of the "Bundesdatenschutzgesetz" of all users. The users' information we save is used only for the execution of contract terms and the communication with you.

11. others

a. If any provision of the conditions of use is invalid or becomes invalid, this should not affect the validity of other provisions. Under the condition of fulfillment of the intended purpose by the parties to a contract, the invalid provision will be replaced by another effective provosion. The same situation also applies to possible loopholes.

b. under exclusion of the UN sales convention, data protection is suitable for the law of the federal republic of Germany.

The court is located only 32423 Minden in Germany.

Status: May 29, 2013

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